A Crossover Fan Fiction Story,

*Current circa Season 1-2-3, moving on.*

Quick Fact/Game of Thrones/Elric of Melnibone’ fact & bio for Callisto.

Callisto Kinslayer ( Born 280 AC ), Queen of the House Melnibone’ & Heir to The Iron Throne through bloodlines, Granddaughter of Prince Daeron Targaryen ( son of Aegon V ) , Daughter of Caeron Targaryen, Killer of her brother Aegon, and her Mother Alista hence earning her the name Kinslayer.

Cousin to Loras ( born 282 AC ) & Margery Tyrell ( b 283 ) and Viscerys ( b 276 ) & Danerys ( b 282 ) Targaryen King Aegon gifts a Dragon Egg to Olenna Redwyne, for her arranged engagement to his son Daeron. The Egg is given to Viola, as Olenna wants nothing to do with Daeron, or the Egg – as she does not believe it’s “real” and just symbolic.

Viola falls in love with Daeron. They continue their affair, meeting at The Bastards Cradle.

The Dragon Egg sits, on display in House Melnibone’s trophy case, as a gift for keeping the secret of Daeron and Viola’s affair.

Prince Daeron Targaryen was the youngest son and fourthborn child of King Aegon V Targaryen Daeron Targaryen was the uncle of Daenerys Targaryen.

Daeron Targeryan & Olenna Redwyne ( Broken off ) 246

Daeron Targaryen & Viola Redwyne affair & pregnancy 250 AC

Daeron dies 251 ( AC ) In 251 AC,

Prince Daeron led an army against the Rat, the Hawk and the Pig. Though they managed to quash the rebellion, Daeron was killed in battle

  • Male Child – Caeron Targaryen ( bastard- , accepted - killed at the Red Keep during Robert’s Rebellion in 283 )
  • Caeron Targaryen & Alista Melnibone’
  • Alista’s Parents – Elric of Melnibone and Cymoril.

( Melnibone’ lesser house on The Arbor , of the Isle called The Bastards Cradle Marry 280 AC ) Callisto and Aegon ( Twins ) in ( 280 AC )

The Twins were then hidden during Robert’s Rebellion by Olenna Tyrell and Luthor Tyrell at the Arbor, after reports of Caeron’s death fighting next to Aerys II Targaryen, aka The Mad King.


Prelude- Callisto, Kinslayer


In a tavern, sits a young lady in her mid 20’s, she’s strikingly beautiful, with tanned skin, platinum blonde hair, one violet eye, and one brown, She’s dressed for war.. yet almost seductively, as under her cloak you can see separate pieced leather armor that seems to accentuate her figure, yet protect her and give her freedom to move, strapped to her back, is a long sword, with a red gem in the guard.

The hilt is wrapped in leather to the rounded pommel, the guard has long quillions, pointed in the direction of the blade.. and the blade- is black- is doublesided, covered in red runes,..

A young man comes up with a pitcher of ale, and 2 cups.. “ You said if I bought the ale and asked you nicely, you may let me squire for you, but before we get to that, I’d like to know who you are.” Said the young man, “ If it would please m’lady.., her new squire would like to know who he serves, I’ve heard the legends, but some exaggerate, and no offense meant.. I’d just like to know how much of this legend is true”..

He looks at her, then, looks down, almost in awe as she tilts her head and stares at the teen

“And so- you want to know my story “ says the female voice, she laughs smugly..

“ you want to know if the tales of the Kinslayer are true? Do I have royal blood? Did I kill my mother and brother and do I ride dragons and ransack whole towns and ships?”

She looks at him evilly.. and brings the cup to her lips and drinks, never taking her eyes off him..

“Hhmph.. Well, It’s a long and complicated beginning, and you might need to buy me another pitcher of ale, but if you really really want to know.. let me try and bring you up to speed.. “

She continues “ My Grandfather, who was rejected by my Great Aunt, caught the eye of my Grandmother.. who then continued her affair with him, never marrying, for fear of her Sister’s wrath.. or so I’m told.. But there was no hiding it when she was full bellied with my Father… and he was born into this cruel world, and as custom- she named my Grandfather – who was once betrothed to my Great Aunt… who rejected him, *giggles*, Oh, it’s a complicated story as I said, and my Grand Aunt was not pleased, no not at all.. but she accepted her new nephew, for he had blood that was Heir to the Iron throne… My Father, a dear man who I hardly knew, raced off when my dear twin Brother and I were 3… leaving our mother so he could help defend his family name during the Rebellion, and he died next to his kin, The Mad King, in the Red Keep at the final assault.. in case you haven’t guessed… I am Targaryen. The New King, Robert Baratheon did what any King would do, ordered the execution of all of my namesake… and almost succeeded, .. as only few of us remain, as most of those who hid, ran and renamed were found and put to the sword.. Some like Me, were never told who we were, until later on in life, so we’d have nothing to get caught in lies about.. as lies have a huge place in politics, thrones and life here in Westros, as much as duty, and more so than honor and honesty now it seems.

Do You still want to know more? Or do I bore you?” she asks, pouring herself a new cup

“No, M’lady, please , go on” the squire says..

"So yes, I am of Targaryen blood, and Heir to the Iron Throne, and yes, it seems I have a cousin who also makes this claim , she raises her army in Essos, and yes as I am older, I think my claim overrides hers,.. but I’ve never met her, and when I do, I might decide she might be more suited to be stuck on that foul bloodstained throne that everyone seems to be killing each other over than I , and I just might enjoy doing what I do more than having to listen to people’s problems and decide their fate.. because if it was up to me.. everyone dies.”

She looks as she’s serious, then breaks into a smile.. “I’m kidding.. not everyone will die. But.. most.. yes, I’d have to say most would annoy me to the point that I’d like them dead, and there’s no harm in me ‘liking’ that someone’s dead, is there? Unless of course, I’m on the Iron throne, and then, people would have to do , whatever I liked at the time.. right?”

“Um,… I.. I’d have to agree m’lady” said the young man

“Well, I have to say, so far you’re just a ‘yes man’ , but that’s alright, for now at least, where was I ?

Oh yes, Ok, so my Grandfather is Prince Daeron Targaryen, he’s dead, my Grandmother is Viola Redwyne, she’s alive, Olenna Tyrell is her sister, and she kept me safe for a bit, yes Princess Margery and Ser Loris are my cousins as well, am I confusing you?.. just pour me more Ale, My Father is Caeron a bastard who was accepted as a Targaryen by my Uncle, or it it Great Uncle.. you know him as The Mad King. He died defending The King and yes, my mother was ruler of the House Melnibone’ as she was the only child of my Grandparents, Elric the VIII and Cymoril who ruled that house, and now as I am the last of that line.. I rule there”

She drinks deeply and motions for him to pour more ale..

“And yes my Mother Alista was at one time good, but turned into an insane, sadistic evil woman, into pain and suffering, and thought she saw spirits and talked to air, and took her pain and suffering out on my twin brother Aegon and I , she blamed us for my fathers spirit haunting her, and when we were 13, when she was sure no one would come looking for us, she told us our fate, or, that of our blood.. Targaryen, and Melnibone’ both tormented houses with tainted by insanity and bloodlust and desire to rule the worlds..”

“Worlds?.. isn’t there only one world m’lady?” he said

“Did I stutter?!?!? Oh, he FINALLY Questions ME when I say WORLDS like I’m mad as a hatter or something ” * She sighs and chuckles *

“Yes, my mother claimed my Grandfather, Grandmother ,on her side were still alive in some other world in what she called the Multiverse , where one of the Seven, the Stranger, rules, and even said my father was there as well, in all his Targaryen madness, “ she laughs evilly “ But you’re just a boy and have no clue of these things yet, but if I keep you on as my squire, you will.. oh, yes, that is for sure.” She stares blankly out the window.. and drinks more.

“Of the Kinslayer name..yes, I killed both my mother for her Trespasses against me as a child, and my brother for his weakness, he was not fit to rule, fight by my side, or live as far as I was concerned, and before I knew of Daenerys, he was the only thing that stood in the way of my claim”

“But M’lady, they were your family, your blood!” the young man exclaimed

“ and grapes are grapes before they turn into wine and then vinegar..” she replied, drinking more and filling her own cup, “ that story…. Is not for now, sometimes it makes me sad, I do miss their little faces.. especially when *giggles* I see them crying to me.. No! Calli!!, No!! *dramatic *as my sword sunk deep into their nonexistent hearts.. HA!!! But this story I will not tell you yet”

*he nods his head in understandment, bewildered*

“So, it is true then, that sword.. is alive, and unholy?” he whispers and pulls back

“Do you want to touch it? *she laughs*

“no, you don’t. if you know what’s good for you, IF I let you take care of my things, never, ever never , ever ever! touch this blade, if you know what is good for you..

Yes , the stories are true, and the blade is as strong as, if not stronger than any Valyrian Steel, and yes, I do believe it is the magical blades Blackfyre and Dark Sister … merged together, because I saw it happen..

and yes, It does have an appetite for souls”

The young man shifts his weight, and pours her more ale.. “And M’lady.. about the Dragon? Is it real? Is it true?”

“Dragons.. HA!.. you believe in Dragons? I suppose you believe in elves and dwarves and all sorts of childhood myths… He asks of me.. He asks of my family name… He asks of my deeds… He asks of my sword… Have not I answered your questions to satisfaction? Nooooo…. Then… THEN He asks of Dragons.. *She waves her arms like wings flying* Do you really think these firebreathing, magical mythical marvelous beasts exist? Do you think someone just “made all this up” about me?” She gets up from her seat, and moves in close.. nose to nose.. eye to eye with the young man. “The Dragon.. OF- COURSE -IT’S- TRUE!!-, do you want to meet him?”

----------------------------------------------------- Callisto Kinslayer, Chapter One- ---------------------------------------------

The air blowing in off the bay was cool, a nice difference

to the heat that pounded down on the isle known as “The Bastards Cradle”, a place that we learned to call home for many years after Robert’s Rebellion. Not many people came to the isle, and fewer left, as it was self-sufficient , and a former  secret getaway for Targaryen nobility, a place where no one would look for my brother and I , nor our Mother, who’s bouts of delusion and insanity were legendary.

Oh, how I dreamed of running away and exploring the world, only to be reminded for the last two years  by my cautious twin Brother, Mother and Wards exactly how dangerous it would be if we were found, that we should live out our lives and bide our time here, safely, for on our 13th nameday, it was revealed to us who we were and what our tragic background was.

We are Melnibonean, a strange house in this land. We are also Targaryen, the former ruling family of Westeros, overthrown and exiled. And, we were told everyone in Westeros would either kill us, turn us in, or use us for their own gain.

This was our 15th nameday, a party was thrown for us, with the celebration from the family and local servants, my Brother Aegon, was the polar opposite of me,  he was happy to live his life in dullard fashion, and never leaving the isle, I on the other hand longed for what the world had to offer, “The Bastards Cradle” would be my brothers home for all his life he’d say over and over, he wanted to raise horses, and for his 15th nameday he received one, as did I..

We also received some of my Mother’s family heirlooms, passed down from her Father - 2 twin swords,  and a  huge, blood red ruby gem, in a necklace,..  And from my father’s side, one of the last things My Mother knew I was fascinated with, The Dragon Egg that sat, on display in House Melnibone’s trophy case, as a gift for keeping the secret of Grandfather Daeron and Grandmother Viola’s affair. ..  I traded with my brother, my Horse and the ruby necklace he was fascinated with, for the his sword and Egg… a trade he accepted, as swordplay was totally out of his realm..

The swords were supposedly special, made of something called Valyrian Steel, and lost to the world, but hidden with us. 

A Sword has to have a proper name, if it’s to be of any significance, These swords already had names and had been blooded in battles past. One’s name was “Blackfyre”, given to my brother..  the other, mine,… fittingly named “Dark Sister”.

We were warned never, ever to let these swords touch, and never to spar with them vs each other, . When we asked why, we were told, just don’t. We were also told the swords were magical, and had to be kept apart, and hidden from this world.

Can you imagine telling a curious 15 year old girl, “Just don’t” and expect her to listen? No, my Mother, Alista knew very well what I might do, as night after night I heard her talking to the spirits of my dead father and grandparents, and sometimes, I thought I heard them answer.

The Tyrell’s of Highgarden and Redwyne’s the Arbor would look in on us from time to time, as their blood was also our blood, and their servants on the isle took care of us, as we were the isle’s royalty as well. House Melnibone’, and my Mother was it’s ruler. 

As for my servants, and family , I was indifferent to them, Sometimes, I felt like I was their prisoner, and no matter how nice this prison was, I was determined to make my own way off the isle one day, my Brother and Mother, happy to remain captive. The only thing this isle produced of any worth was grapes for wine, which my mother seemed to have an endless supply of.

On the 13th day of the 7th moon, when I was 15, I set out, to explore the caves near the shore, bringing Dark Sister with me, as I had grown fond of the sword, which, sometimes I felt as if was trying to communicate with me,  I stumbled onto a hidden grotto, almost a hideout-  one it seemed was very familiar, yes, there were artifacts there, from what seemed like my Grandfather Elric’s things, and in the center of this, at the far wall, was  a pedestal, which seemed to have been scorched with fire at one time, on the wall, it seemed like a huge painting of shadows of another world, or realm, was staring back at me, and if I looked at it, it almost seemed as if it was alive, could this be the place where my Grandparents Elric and Cymoril disappeared from? One of the places they did rituals and spoke of other worlds and “realms”, these things I heard but still do not comprehend, Yes it had to be.   I raced off in search of my brother, eager and excited to tell him what I had found, not knowing if he’d even care, as he was engulfed in his equestrian activities,  I found him not long after, and told him what I’d found, he seemed like he wanted to see it, but was almost frightened, to persuade him, I offered the other sword, Blackfyre, to him, telling him  I, and it, would keep him safe, he came along , begrudgingly,  We raced on horseback, and I led the way to the grotto, where we tied the horses off,  and  proceeded into the cave, my brother was in awe of the sights I neglected to see,  signs of an almost ancient race, he looked at the pedestal and said “ This looks like the dragon’s egg would fit there”.. and I had to agree, but why and for what reason? I thought …

Then the ground started to shake, and the air in the cavern got thick, it felt like a presence was there , almost ominous, reacting on instinct, I pulled Dark Sister  and backed towards the wall, Aegon did the same with Blackfyre, and at once, a dark shadow figure appeared from the wall where I had saw visions of otherworldly things,. It was almost as if a portal opened up and the wall was alive..  even if it wasn’t, this ‘thing’ that was hovering in the center of the room sure seemed like it was, it shapeshifted into almost human form, it had a head with 2 bright red eyes, and the ruby around my brothers neck seemed to glow with energy.. he screamed , as if it was burning him, and was drawing him towards the shadow creature,  I screamed a war cry, and charged  swiping at the creature.. and as I swang my sword… my brother did as well.

It cut through the creature, parting it in half, it seemed to wail in pain, divided, and then .. then it laughed..

Our swords were stuck together, and sparks and energy flew, like a huge storm.. The Swords were transmuting.. transforming.. and a blast of energy again and we were sent flying backwards..

Things had changed, the creature backed off…  I looked down and my brother was unconscious,  I went for my sword, but it was gone, as was my brothers, and in it’s place was a huge sword I could never attempt to wield,  a huge, black, two handed broadsword, with strange words or runes carved into it.. The creature started to move again, and seeing no other option to keep myself and my brother safe, I lunged for the sword..  and , it flew into my hand, pulses of energy ran through my veins and body, as I a slender girl of 15 picked up and was using this weapon that a grown Man or Knight of over 6 foot and 18 stone should barely be able to wield… it flowed effortlessly, and the shadow seemed to be in fear of it.. Then, whether it was my idea, or the swords, I had no idea, that told me to grab the ruby gem off my brothers neck , and as I did, I knew to slot it just above the hilt of this sword, which seemed to absorb it..   The shadow creature wailed a horrible sound, as if in despair.. and feeling renewed and without fear, I attacked..  and as I did, each time I hit and spun away from it’s attacks, part of it was almost “absorbed” into the sword and it’s ethereal energy passed into me… one last attack into what would have been it’s heart… and the creature was gone, and as I stare at the sword, the ruby pulsated as if it’s energy was trapped within it.

I was curious.. in fear, and confident all at once, it made me feel 100 times stronger than I was, and then I could almost hear it say to my mind.. “I am Stormbringer.. We are one… feed me blood and souls and I will reward you with power and strength”  I laughed at this, knowing that in my heart, it may very well be true..

“Sister” my brother called out.. what happened?  I turned and stared at him, .. he looked at me , almost in fear , as he woke.. “What’s going on? Where are the swords, what’s tha…” He never got the words out… my sword acted without me being able to stop… “Blood and Souls, Blood and Souls” it chanted in my head, and plunged itself into Aegon’s heart… “Sister.. no!! Why Callisto, Why?” But it was too late,… the sword took his life energy and passed it into me..

 I was not horrified.  I was not upset.

Somehow, This is what was supposed to happen, and the way things were supposed to be, my brother a sacrifice for Me, and the great sword Stormbringer, and the future of our House and the legend I was about to become..

Aegon of the House Melnibone’ and Targaryen was dead, and Callisto Kinslayer, was born.




And there it was, my brothers body, on the floor, a gaping wound in his chest, the blood almost sucked dry by my sword, who’s runes glowed bright red, seemingly with the blood of my brother.. I wasn’t upset, I wasn’t mad, I wasn’t happy… in fact I felt almost nothing for him, and I should have, he was my twin,  he shared the most important parts of my life.. and he was dead. He sacrificed himself for my greater good, and so this sword could be reborn... this magnificent, evil, unholy relic, that would change my life, and the lives of the people of Westeros forever.

In a corner in this grotto was a leather scabbard, that went over the shoulder on the back, and it looked as if it was a perfect fit for my new sword.. “Stormbringer”. The Sword seemed as if it approved, as it was in a warm familiar place, and went willingly, this was the sword that We had heard tales of from family members, and Grandfather somehow split the sword in two, the ruby in the hilt was dead center of the handguard, the same ruby that my Grandfather Elric pulled out and kept close to him all his life, that gave him some sort of unnatural strength, he was said to be an Albino, and at some point he disappeared from this land, leaving  my Grandmother Cymoril to raise my mother Alista on her own, rumors were my Grandfather went back to where he came, called by some duty he had to the Gods,

others say he died, a lonely, melancholy , miserable person, who wandered off and was never to be saw again. As I look at the wall, where the portal seemed to open, I know what I believe now ,  he went through to fulfill his destiny, but I was not destined to follow him in whatever world he went back to.

My fate, or destiny was here, in Westeros. Suddenly I got one of my crazy ideas, this powerful, mystical cavern may just have more to do with my fate, so I jumped on one of the Horses, and raced towards our home, I raced in, running past my Mother, who was in one of her frantic conversations with spirits, and ran to my room.

There it was, the “Dragon’s Egg” which everyone thought was a novelty, named for it’s shape, instead of what it might really be, after all Dragons hadn’t been seen in Westeros in well over a hundred years, why should  one of these “Eggs” produce anything but a story?    I was going to find out.

Grabbing this oversized stone, ( it was light enough ) and placing it in my satchel, I took off, and ran out of our home like evil spirits were following me. As I flew through the door, there she was, My Mother.

I almost ran her over as she blocked my way, But there she was, almost as if she was forbidding me to go anywhere,  “ Mother.. What is it?” I exclaimed?” with My Platinum Blonde/Almost White shoulder length hair a mess,  she stared at me as if she knew what I had done, “That!!” she cried out. “That SWORD, that THING that my father banished? How in the world? Why do you have that foul thing, and What is it doing in my home?”

“Mother, there was a cave, and a shadow, and Aegon and I fought it, and..”  my Mother Cut me off, knowing what my next line was,

“And your swords touched, didn’t they? I knew I should have never let you have them!! By the Gods old and new, by the Seven, I have truly failed to protect you both!!!”

“Mother, the sword.. this sword, is amazing!! It fills me with power, strength I never knew I had, and .. and it talks to me!”

“Oh no!” she put her hands to her face, “The old stories are true, and if I am correct, great trouble will follow, my Daughter, where is your Brother? Is he safe?”

I didn’t know what to say, as I had just killed my brother and fed the sword with his life energy? Was he safe?,  In a way, yes, he was safer dead and his soul in the soul gem of Stormbringer than alive in this miserable world, where he- he rightful heir to the Iron Throne, couldn’t defend himself if he tried and wouldn’t if he wanted to, it was only in fear that he raised his blade towards the shadow that helped me join these blades.

“Callisto! Where is Aegon!” She Yelled at Me.

“Yes, He’s safe Mother, he’s.. He’s at the grotto we found, the one that had some of Grandfather’s things..”  and again she cut me off “You found that place? That place was supposed to be, and stay hidden from all.. No!.. No, no,  no, this is not right, he’s not safe there, get him, and both of you get out of there, I’ll get my horse and follow this ends now”.

I jumped on my horse and broke into a gallop, what was I to do? The Sword urged me on, and there was my Mother, only caring about Aegon, only worried about Aegon, he was always the good one, always the favorite, while I was left to my own devices and learned how to fight and have fun, he was “cultured and educated” by tutors, wasn’t I his equal? In fact, I was born before him, didn’t that make me the heir to this Throne? I was never appreciated as much, never loved as much, always the renegade, the bad one, at only 15-  I was the family villain!!

I got to the grotto ahead of my mother, and went to the body of my brother, and pulled him to the wall of the cave, sitting him up, his blood getting all over me, as it did, I noticed the wall, shimmering, moving almost showing me another reality,  and then it was almost as if by second nature, I placed the egg in the pedestal, took out my flint and dagger.. and sparked the oil in the basin, setting it ablaze.

It was then that my mother walked in, screaming for my brother, and seeing him dead, she ran to him, his lifeless, bloody, limp corpse a shell of who he was, and she wailed in agony.

“Callisto!!.. Who did this?”

I turned and looked at her, “He did it Mother, he killed himself. On my Blade, He sacrificed his life so that the strong may survive and our house might find Glory and Honor”

“You Killed him!! You Killed my Son!”

“Well, … You –could- say that Mother,” I smiled slyly, “But now he lives on, in Me and my Sword, he will actually serve the PURPOSE he was intended to”

“You little bitch!! Can’t you see, We’re not meant to rule, We’re in hiding! And now you’ve taken away the best part of me and left me with…. ~you~” she said with disgust.

 I had to stop and shake my head, in disbelief, but at least the truth was out there, “No Mother, I am hiding no more, and You, now, you are truly alone, because now you don’t have Aegon… or Me.” I turned to look at the egg, glowing, and the wall behind it, shimmering, and a voice in my head said  “A life must be given, so one may be granted”,

It was then my mother screamed, and launched herself towards me, what happens next I don’t fully remember, all I know is she hit me  square in the gut and knocked me into the pedestal and it went toppling to the ground, fiery oil splattering everywhere, my head spinning from hitting stone,  the pain of the fire seared through my flesh, and I passed out, thinking this was how I was going to die.



I don’t know how many hours it was later, when I woke up , but I did. Alone in this cave, I thought for sure the flesh was burned from my limbs and I was scarred forever. I look down and in my hands was Stormbringer, how I drew the sword, or whether it leapt into my hands I know not. On the sword, and on top of me, was a pile of burnt bones, My Mother. I pushed them off, as well as the ashes that were my clothes, and the rest of my Mother.

I quickly felt my flesh and found no wounds, I got up, sheathed Stormbringer in the leather and steel scabbard, and stumbled towards the entrance, where a pool of clear water was, I looked at my reflection and saw no damage to my face or hair, a quick check of myself confirmed that as well, 

I splashed water on my face, and  got up, went towards my horse , and pulled a set of leather riding shorts and matching top out of the saddlebags and put them on, …  And then felt as if something, or someone was behind me,… watching me   I turned, and there He was.

It stood about a 3 hands high ( 1 foot ) , it had eyes of red fire,  and wings that spread out and it seemed hungry,- what it was,  was a baby, black dragon, and it was mine, and I knew immediately, his name was Chardron. I stood there awestruck by a sight that no mortal has seen in what seems like an eon, a dragon who’s birth had taken place because my mother had given her life, but why, Why wasn’t I hurt by the fire, it should have consumed me as well.

He came to me as a baby comes to it’s mother,  crawled up my leg, and into my arms,  and nuzzled my face, before  climbing up to my shoulder and snuggling next to my neck.

“Chardron, Yes, your name is Chardron” I said, he squeaked his baby dragon approval,    “Could the rumors of being a Targaryen be true ? Was I Fireproof?” I thought aloud, looking myself over again.

“Somewhat, maybe a little, but this time my magic protected you, My Granddaughter” said a voice ..

 I turned, and a spectral figure, a sleek man with red eyes and white hair in mage’s robes stood before me, I knew from the paintings on our walls this was.

“Grandfather? or do I call you Lord Elric?” I asked, “but… you disappeared long ago”

“And now, I have come back, at least as much I as can be. I watch, and see, and in your time of need I am here, Your Mother, would have extinguished our family forever, that I cannot allow, you have a part to play in the future of this world.  So know that I did what I could and my time with you is short, ask what you may as time here is fleeting.”

“The Sword, the legend of you, the dragon, I have so many questions” I said with excitement

“The Sword, I did not want to ever be reassembled by anyone, but what’s done is don’t and cannot be undone without killing you.  Stormbringer- is powerful, and will be of great use to you, but know this, it’s a foul weapon with a mind of it’s own and takes those that you care about and love from you. This is now your bane and your boon, also ,The Dragon, is the one thing the sword cannot touch, because it does not have an earthly spirit for the sword to devour.  You wanted to know about my legend? The Stories? All true- for the most part, but I must go now, Callisto, this story, this world, and the legend you become, for good or evil, is in your hands, make me proud, and live your life with no regrets. You are my greatest accomplishment. Your Mother, would have had you put to death long ago, she knew the future, and spoke with me quite often and I knew I had to be here for you”

“What do you mean I have a part to play in the future of this world?”

“There is a legend, of which I played a part in, and which you play a part in, the Gods are fickle, and fight amongst themselves for supremacy, in this world it’s the Seven.. and the one who will help you, here is called the Stranger,  and the legend is that, of the Eternal Champion, who one day you will become.”

He went on, “I will explain this to you before I must depart.”

“Melnibone’ is a country in a world where I am from, not where you are from, I came to Westeros as the Eternal Champion, and had a purpose, and for some reason the Gods and Fate decided to leave me there for a time. I believe that purpose was to ensure your birth. The first female incarnation of the Eternal Champion, and one dedicated to here, a Hero born of this land.”

“Since the victory of Law or Chaos would cause the Multiverse either to become permanently static or totally formless, the Cosmic Balance enforces certain limits which the powers of Law and Chaos violate at their peril. Law, Chaos, and the Balance are active, but seemingly non-sentient, forces which empower various champions and representatives.

The Eternal Champion, is a Hero who exists in all dimensions, times and worlds, is the one who is chosen by fate to fight for the Cosmic Balance; however, he often does not know of his role, or, even worse, he struggles against it, never to succeed. Since his role is to intervene when either Law or Chaos have gained an excess of power, he is always doomed to be surrounded by strife and destruction, although he may go through long periods of relative quiet.

All the incarnations of the Eternal Champion are facets of each other, and the Champion may also be aided by a companion, who, like himself, exists in various incarnations. Likewise the Champion is often associated with a romantic interest that is possibly an aspect of an eternal figure. Other characters in the various books have occasionally crossed over from one universe to another, although it is unclear what their status in the multiverse may be. Normally, the incarnations of the Champion do not interact and are treated as serial incarnations for facets of a single consciousness, but various cataclysmic events (such as the end of a Cycle of Cycles of the multiverse's progression, or an invasion by hostile entities from an entirely separate multiverse) may bring them together in various ways. This is very dangerous (it causes strains on the fabric of the multiverse as well as mental issues for the Champion), but amplifies the Champion's power enormously.

In every aspect, the Champion is a warrior almost without peer: when he wields some version of his usual weapon, the Black Sword, and few can stand against him. He is also usually an adept, if often unwilling, leader of fighters and has strategic and tactical abilities.”

Soon Callisto, the forces of Chaos here, with the help of the Dead Gods, will make an assault on the forces of Humanity, Law, and Neutrality, one they cannot stand on their own, one their heroes cannot defeat without you, one where you may win, but lose your life, and then again, still be alive.

Just as I am dead here, but currently alive someplace else and know about you, you are me, I am you, and We are they, Champion Eternal, Eternal Champion, plaything of the balance, slave to the sword, Good and Evil at the same time, Cruel and Just, 2 sides of the same coin, and now I must go, summon me if you must, but know it will take it’s toll on you.

Goodbye Granddaughter, your dragon, last one of my dead world, awaits you.”


---------------------------------------------------------------4 ----------------------------------------------------------------

“What else did he say M’lady? Anxiously said my new squire..

“He faded away, and I have never seen him again, and there was so much more I wanted to ask, and learn about, but that was not meant to be, just as many things in my life aren’t meant to be anymore.” I said, “And that’s my tale of my youth for tonight, too much mead and wine and I grow weary, I’m going to nap”

“And the Dragon?, Chardron?, Where is he? Where does he sleep?”

“He’s never too far away, “ I said with a laugh, “And you really want to know where he sleeps, as if he has a bed and a home set up? He’s a Dragon my dear.. He sleeps- where he wants… Enough about me, you seem like a good enough person, Why seek Me out, with all my tales of woe and despair and death, why Squire for me?  I’m not even a damn Knight!!.. In fact, Who are you? What is your name boy?”

“My Name?  it’s Wadley Snow, bastard to Ser Wendel Manderlay,” said Wadley

“ Wadley??  *sighs* ,  Wendle Manderlay?  Aren’t the Manderlay’s swords sworn to the Starks? Why not seek a Stark out, or one of their sworn swords? Or simply go to your father and squire for him? How old are you?”

“ My Father.. he said, I can’t go North,  I was told I had to make my own way, and become a man, and not rely on him or his family name, as I’m a bastard who has to make his own..  and I’ve reached my 15th nameday , M’lady,”

“Stop that, please, calling me ‘M’lady’ I’m no knight and in charge of no one but myself lately” said Callisto

“But you are the Lady who rules a great house here, even if you say you’re no Knight”

“I’m not, nor have I taken any oaths to save people, help anyone but myself and yes, I –rule- a house, because there’s no one else left alive, and the Tyrell’s and Redwyne’s are afraid of me and steer clear, The Queen of Thorns is the only one who pays me visits since she’s my Grandmother’s sister, She’s obsessed with my destiny and making me a proper lady and marrying me off , I’d think she’s making some kind of power play just knowing I have Targaryen blood and my lineage to the Iron Throne, though I’d suggest Margaery might be closer to it now than I”

“After the news of King Robert’s death The Lady Margaery is off with her brother Loris supporting Renly Baratheon’s claim, which his brother Stannis challenges” said Wadley, “or so I’m told”

“Correct, and last I’ve heard, my cousins Daenerys and Viserys are in Essos riding with a Dokrathi horde, who also have a claim on that damn bloody throne, which I’m told I have a claim to which I choose not to stake”

“But why not?” Asked Wadley, “It would seem to me, now would be the time to come forward with it”

“And set myself up to be killed and stalked by King Robert’s son Joffery like Robert Baratheon did to the rest who hold my family name? No Thank You, and  The Queen, Cersei Lannister, she may be worse that King Robert with this killing Targaryen’s thing, I think I’ll remain a myth or legend no one wants to seek out and stay here in the south for now”

“But, M’lady you have a Dragon! A ferocious flying beast of a war machine who can lay waste to armies, ships , cities and castles!! Can’t you just fly in and command everyone to give you what’s yours?”

“And I fly in there and they give up without a fight? Just because I have a dragon?  And when my Dragon or I sleep won’t someone try to kill us and take it back? No, it’s not the time to play this Game of Thrones for me yet, if ever, my fate and destiny are held special for something else than ruling all of Westeros, so if that’s your play, best move on.. Ah ‘High Queen Callisto Targaryen’ *she laughs* dressed in all of Westeros finery at Kings Landing, demanding fealty, no Wadley, that life is not for me. ”

“But you’d make a great Queen!”

“And you know this within an hour of meeting me? I’d say you’re just like the rest of the little boys and creepy older men, trying to flatter me  for a kiss and then try to take me to bed”

Wadley blushed at the notion, embarrassed , because he did see the beauty in Callisto, but more because his honor and integrity was questioned at his first test, and she thought him like every other male

“It’s ok Wadley, no need to blush or be shy, I’m used to the ways of Men now, it’s ok that you think I’m pretty, you’re not so bad yourself, forgive me, I shall return, I must make water”  Callisto gets up and Wadley catches himself staring at her backside as she walks behind a bush nearby and squats..




“Well Well, what do we have here?” said a male voice, “ A little girl all alone out in the woods” “An She’s takin a squat, arse in the air, all ready for us , like she knew we was comin, HA!” said another male voice,

“She ain’t such a little girl you two, look at her, a prime piece of ass, you two can take turns with her after I’m done, I like them with a little fight in them”

It was then Wadley came past the treeline, his blade drawn, hand shaking, full of nerves “I wouldn’t disrespect the Lady Melnibone’ if I was you , so go on your way peacefully, and we’ll forget this happened” said Wadley

“Well, lookie what we have here, a little boy with a blade telling three grown men what to do” said the 1st man

“Oh, sure we’ll just be on our way, excuse us I didn’t know the ‘lady’ was nobility” the 2nd said sarcastically

“Well that sorts it, I’ll fuck the girl, you two can take turns buggering the boy, let’s get to it, I haven’t had a young one in a few weeks” said the 3rd

“Well, you might bugger Wadley there, but I don’t think I’ll be partaking in the festivities” said Callisto

“Oh, like you have any choice?” said the 3rd

“WAIT! What do you mean they can bugger me?” said Wadley, “I came to rescue YOU and you’d let them bugger me?”

“Rescue? Me? Do -I -look- like -I- need -rescuing? These three mingebags might be able to threaten and scare you and ordinary folk, but, I find this quite entertaining” said Callisto, “and yes, it might be fun to see you buggered by these skeevers”

“Hey wait, We aint no skeevers or mingebags” said the 1st man

“And the boys are going to take turns with your buddy Wadley here, and I am going to have my way with you ‘lady’ Melnibone’ ” said the 3rd.

“Oh. Really?  Ok Let’s have a go then..” as she starts to take off her leathers and then looks up at Wadley who’s shaking in his boots as the men start to surround him and the other walks towards Callisto

“Then again,  I think not” as she motions her outstretched arm, palm open and closes her eyes while the 3rd, obviously the leader, was almost upon her..

And then it happened,

It was a horrible howl, what came out of the 3rd man’s mouth as Stormbringer flew into Callisto’s hand out of nowhere, and sank into his chest as he stalked forward,  Wadley and the other two men stood in awe at the scene, as most of the man’s blood was seemingly absorbed into the sword. It’s red runes glowing brightly and black blade shining like dragonsglass, the blade seemed too long and too heavy for this girl to wield, but as the dying man crumpled into a heap and she kicked his corpse off the blade, She turned to the other two men, and smiled, eyes glowing red.

“You wanted to play?” She laughed evilly “So, let’s play”

She moved like the wind, with this blade, like she was dancing on air, and brought her blade down on the 1st man’s sword , which he had up in defense, shattering it, she turned and parried the 2nd man’s blade,  pivoted and lunged but this man was definitely trained well, he parried with all his strength and faded back and riposte, advanced and lunged, She feinted a retreat, disengaged.. and then, he made his mistake, he spun trying to bring his single edged sword at Callisto’s head with all his might, but she ducked, advanced in and came up driving Stormbringer into the man’s heart…

“Blood and Souls for Stormbringer, yes, I knew I had to feed you too my faithful friend” Calli said with a grin, the man let out a dying breath, like a sigh, She angled the blade down and the man slid off, lifeless

Wadley and the 1st man stood there , mouths agape, looking at the corpses , eyes once white, now blackened, as if the soul which lingers had been removed, devoured by Stormbringer, and they were right.

“MERCY M’lady!! “ screamed the remaining brigand, as he dropped to his knees, “Please, don’t kill me, and by the Gods, if you do, Please, by all that’s holy, not with THAT blade” he said, shaking in fear.

Wadley noticed Stormbringer moved her hand forward, but she seemed to fight the motion back.

“Tis the 1st time I’ve ever refused my blade It’s prey, and quite frankly, It’s not pleased, and still hungry, tell me why I should entertain granting you any request seeing how you would have raped, robbed, killed, or enslaved myself and my new friend if you were given the chance?”

“It’s not natural, the death that blade brings, and If I knew It was Callisto Kinslayer, Rider of Dragons and Stealer of Souls,  that I came upon with her pants down, I’d have made sure to have steered clear”

“Ha, so you were right Wadley, I guess I really am a legend now.”

“What are we to do with him M’lady” said Wadley

“Did you want to bugger him like he was going to do to you?”

“What!?!?!? No, Please No” begged the brigand.

“Um, Let me see.. “ said Wadley looking him over and laughing “No M’lady, he’s not my type”

“So death it is!!” said Callisto. “But, please, by clean steel” begged the brigand

“As if you have a choice” stated Callisto, sarcastically as Stormbringer flew through the air and entered the man’s mouth and came out his back, impaling him, arms outstretched until Stormbringer was done drinking the lifeforce of the brigand.

“M’lady” said Wadley, “The Sword, it won’t come for me, will it?”

“Honestly…” said Callisto “I don’t know.”  She grabbed the blade and withdrew it from the slumping body , wiped it on the man’s shirt and sheathed it.

“It seems not today Wadley.. Not today”

Not today? He thought…  maybe, just maybe she was right, and this was a bad mistake. Mistake or not, he’d rather be on her side, than against her, maybe, hopefully.. the sword knew he was her friend, he thought and followed her back to their campsite.


-------------------------------------------------------------6 ---------------------------------------------------

The things he saw and experienced were things only a few living people have seen and the stuff her Legend was made of, but what he saw couldn’t prepare him for what was next.

The shadow that blocked out the last of the sunlight and the wind that followed was startling,.. and then it roared… and landed…

“Chardron!” cried out Callisto, “My handsome Chardron! I missed you!”

She ran up and hugged this noble beast, he was maybe 30 feet long equally divided by neck, body and tail, his wingspan equal to his body size, his head huge, mouth big enough to bite a man in half, or fit a sheep in it with one bite,  his eyes glowing yellow greenish, his scales glistened black, so black it was almost blue, he actually looked as if he smiled as Callisto scratched under his chin and hugged him, and there it was.

The 1st dragon he’d ever seen.

Wadley realized that he was probably the only other living person besides Callisto who could say they’ve seen a living dragon in Westeros, as everyone else who’s probably seen it, was dead or thought crazy.

“Well, Wadley, if you’re going to care for my stuff and be my servant, um, I mean squire, or whatever you call it.. you may as well meet Chardron, He’s curious about you too, and yes, he was watching that whole ugly scene unfold, if I needed him, he would have just popped his head out and set them all on fire, but there was really no need to be so dramatic, was there?” She laughed and motioned Wadley towards Chardron “Come now, say hello”

Wadley tried walking forward, but his legs wouldn’t let him, he was frozen by his nerves, and come to think of it, who wouldn’t be?

Chardron, taking his cue from Callisto, dropped his head and angled towards Wadley, who was obviously awestruck by the sight of this magnificent beast. Wadley opened his hand and offered it towards Chardron like you would a Dog when you don’t want it to bite you, and no, he didn’t want to be bitten by Chardron, because that would mean he’d be called One Hand Wadley, or lefty, or… well something that’s not a good name for a man just coming into his prime.

He then pet Chardon, his skin sleek and lizard like, and was surprised the Dragon was letting him do this. He almost felt a camaraderie with the dragon, until he raised his head and pushed himself back towards Callisto,  “He trusts you, to a point” she said, “Just about the same way I feel, but I know you’re no threat to either of us on your own, you can stay.”

Wadley smiled, but didn’t know whether to be grateful for the chance, or whether this was the biggest mistake of his life, either way, he was in for one hell of an adventure, and if he lived, part of a great story he could tell his future family.

Wadley went to the campfire and slowly drifted off into sleep as night came. He awoke to a boot to his back, and three dead rabbits dropped on him “I don’t suppose you know how to clean and cook these, but I’d figure I’d ask before doing it myself” said Callisto as Wadley, startled, wiping the sleep out of his eyes, “What time is it?”

“It’s time for you to get off your back and start cleaning the rabbits for cooking, that is, if you want breakfast” said Callisto, “You’re a sound sleeper for someone who was so nervous yesterday”

“Yes, I know how to clean and cook  rabbits, .. and well, when you go to bed knowing there’s a dragon nearby that’s your friend, well, I guess that helps”

“You do know he likes to take off and do his own hunting and travel at his leisure, don’t tell me you think he sleeps in camp with us like a guard dog” she laughed, shaking her head…

“Just when I thought I was safe…” he said sarcastically

“Don’t worry Wadley,~ I’ll protect you~ , you know, ~me~.. a girl and all.” She said smugly,… “I’ll be back, I’m going to take one of the horses and scout the area, you’ll find some vegetables in that bag, South of us is Blackcrown, I’m going to see if we should go to Oldtown or take the coast towards Bandallon.”


“Oh sure, clean and cook the rabbits, and we’ll have to stay up all night because the dragon does what it wants to, I could be back home in my bed not worrying about anything but clean sheets and the next whore and some wine.. and”….

“Whores and Wine , sounds like the beginning of a good time my friend, if I can call you my friend, especially with the wonderous smell of those roasted rabbits” said a Man’s voice, startling Wadley,

Wadley looked around, and saw a his horse, and another horse, but no Man to match the voice, “Sir? Excuse me, but you’ll have to show yourself if you’d want me to consider calling you a friend”

“Show myself? Do you think me invisible? I’m right here” said the Man, as Wadley  looked around again and then down… “You’re..  You’re…”

“Tyrion Lannister, pleasure to meet you, and as you must have heard a Lannister always pays his debts, and seeing how lovely those rabbits smell, if you let me have one, I’ll owe you a debt, and as long as I owe you, you’ll never be broke!”, laughed the dwarf, “Oh is that not who you thought I was, were you going to say Dwarf, Monster,  Bastard?” he smiled, “It’s quite alright, I’ve heard every derogatory term from the Seven Kingdoms to the Wall,  Come now boy, lets eat, or are you waiting on someone?”

“Yes Sir, I’m waiting on a great Knight and, She might not be too happy you’re here”

“She? What House does she hail from, I know of no Annointed Knights of the female persuasion, in the Seven Kingdoms,  who is this mystery knight of who you serve that has such a squire that can roast a rabbit to perfection?”

““My Name?  it’s Wadley Snow, bastard to Ser Wendel Manderlay, sent to make my own way, and the great knight I serve is..”

“I’m no knight Wadley” said Callisto and she pulled up and hopped off her horse, “ You already know that..  But as to who I am..  I am Callisto Kinslayer, of House Melnibone’,  first and last of her name, and all that other fancy schmancy stuff.. and if you are hungry my dear inquisitive little man, there’s enough to feed the three of us, …  I keep Wadley around because he amuses me, and he wants to have a purpose, a duty in life..”

“Callisto Kinslayer? Then you and I have something in common, as I’m the monster that killed my Mother during my birth,” said Tyrion

“I watched mine die at the end of my sword, .. Same as my brother”  said Callisto

“Well, Ok, so it’s a little different, but still Kinslayers the both of us, and speaking of slaying,” said Tyrion, have you heard the latest news Callisto, Ned Stark, Hand of the King is in jail, for Treason, my Sister, the Queen put him there, and he awaits execution, I was just at the Wall , and Winterfell,  and on my way to sample some of the finest wines in Westeros when I heard. It Seems soon I’ll be on my way towards King’s landing,  I’d imagine She’d spare him or let him take the black, seeing how his daughter is supposed to marry my spoiled nephew Joffery, who’s now in line to become High King.”

Wadley spoke up, excited and surprised “Ned Stark, jailed? That’s ludicrous”

“It may be boy, but it’s true,” said Tyrion as he devoured his rabbit “And , I fear this may be the start of something none of us wants”

“What’s That?” Asked Wadley

“War between the North and South” said Callisto, “it doesn’t take a fool to figure that out, especially if the Warden of the North is harmed, or disgraced, Northerners are a prideful people, and last I heard, now that Robert’s dead, his brother’s are also laying claim to the throne”

“Lord’s Stannis and Renley? Oh my.. and now the North? Cersei may be picking a fight she cannot win, surely my father will have something to say about this, maybe I should be on my way to Casterly Rock then? Yes, then I think I’ll still make my way to King’s Landing , I can bed down at the Crossroads,  and should be there within 2 days, would you care to travel with me? The Road gets boring and lonely when you’re alone, and Horses don’t talk back, and I do love good conversation,.. and wine..” said Tyrion

“M’Lady, We might want to go that way with Lord Tyrion, and offer our services to the Starks if they’re going to …”  but she Cut off Wadley in mid sentence.

“Wadley, I’ll offer my sword and service where ~I~ see fit. I don’t know these Starks anymore than I know the Lannisters,  or your bastard father’s house Manderley…  I prefer to not get involved with these affairs, until I see a sign.” said Callisto “They seem to all be intertwined, and have hunted my family down, no this fight isn’t mine, but I’ll enjoy seeing them kill each other off.”

Tyrion said “My friends, and I hope you are my friends, know I take no sides in all of this, all I desire is peace, wine and the occasional whore, and some good conversation, and more wine.. but  I must be off,  I fear I’ve worn out my welcome and have family obligations to attend to” he flips a coin to Wadley “ Thank you for the food, know a Lannister always pays his debts, maybe I will see you both again soon, hopefully alive and smiling and we can have another meal together”  

Tyrion mounted his horse and galloped off, ..

“He was a nice little man” said Wadley

“No, .. He’s a scheming, inquisitive sneaky little man” said Callisto as she took the coin from Wadley and put it in her pocket “And one day , if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to read people as I do”..   “Let’s break camp, we’ve a full day’s ride to Bandallon then Old Oak”.

“Bandallon? Old Oak?? But, but that’s away from King’s Landing” said Wadley

“Exactly” said Callisto. “Exactly.”

----------------------------------------------------------8 ------------------------------------------------

Wadley and Callisto rode out on horseback, towards the roads to the coast, with not a lot of banter, as She seemed to be in some kind of meditation,  every once in a while Wadley would see a Chardron sighting, as the Dragon dove towards the ocean, occasionally picking some beast out and carrying it away to eat most likely.

“Fish might be nice tonight” said Wadley… “or anything really” he laughed.

She ignored him, muttering to herself

Wadley began to sing, quite loudly.. “It's always summer, under the sea I know, I know, oh, oh, oh The birds have scales, and the fish take wing I know, I know, oh, oh, oh The rain is dry, and the snow falls up I know, I know, oh, oh, oh

The stones crack open, the water burns The shadows come to dance, my love The shadows come to play The shadows come to dance, my love The shadows come to stay” 

“Oh Sure.. just yell it out to let everyone know we’re coming” said Callisto

“Well, I like to sing, to help pass the time, if someone won’t talk” said Wadley

“If I wanted to talk while I was riding, We’d have rode to Casterly Rock with the dwarf” said Callisto…  “Ok Wadley, tell me about your mother, if you want to talk so much”

“I’m afraid I don’t know much m’lady, I told you I’m a bastard, my father never said much except that I was quite lucky I wound up with him or I’d have been fed to the wolves when I was young and she ran off..”

“So your mother had you, and ran away, sounds like your father is quite the charmer” said Callisto

“He was a good man, but had his faults,  he had me educated and taught me survival skills, I’m grateful,  I could’ve been the pig farmers son shoveling pig shite”

“Pigshyte huh? And now you choose to serve me and shovel dragonshyte?” laughs Callisto, “If it’s crap you want to shovel, when we stop at Bandallon, I’ll offer you up at the stables, I’m sure my estranged cousins could use the help”.. as she nudged her horse forward.

“You could be a little nicer to me you know!!”

The gates to Bandallon were closed and under guard, as Callisto and Wadley rode up, something unusual here in The Reach,  an armed detachment rode out to the edge of the village to meet them as well, and after exchanging words, they were allowed in, but something felt very, very wrong as the men with Silver and Black shields seemed very on edge.

“ These are your cousins?” said Wadley “Strange way to welcome you”

“Well it’s not like I show up here all the time,  I just know the family lineage from studying.. The Maester’s lessons, you know?” She turned back around and smiled as the Lord and Lady of the keep appeared and walked towards them.

“Ser Leo Blackbar ,  And my dear Cousin Olene.. House Redwyne and Tyrell forever grow together, it is I , Callisto of Melnibone’, Granddaughter of Viola Redwyne, from Bastard’s Cradle.” Said Callisto.

Ser Leo spoke “We know who you are, and that you were coming up the ocean road, ‘Cousin’… and that is why we are so on guard, We’ve heard the rumors,  of you and that accursed sword, Where might this ‘dragon’ I’ve heard of be? Not slaughtering my people , livestock or anyone under my protection now hmm?”

“My dear cousin, surely you jest, there’s no ‘dragons’ in Westeros, and if there were, it would be from the Targaryen side still alive over in Essos, not from me.. and why would I slaughter family?”

“Save the act for someone who’s not up to speed on your life’s events Callisto, We’ve heard the rumors and no one here is stupid, who’s the poor boy you’re dragging around with you?”

“I’m Wadley Snow, bastard to Ser Wendel Manderlay,and squire to Callisto” said Wadley

“Manderlay? … An Exiled house, it figures, and squire to Callisto? When did Callisto become an anointed knight eh ”

Olene broke the tension “That was long ago Leo, come now where is your manners, Cousin,. Wadley is it? Come in, have bread and salt with us in the main hall, I’m sure we’re in no danger from a girl and 1 young boy with a knight and his army to protect us”

“Yes, yes, my manners, forgive me, come in” said Ser Leo,… “Wadley, be quiet and let me do the talking here, please?” said Callisto as Wadley nodded in agreement.

They climbed the stairs and went into the great hall following the servants , Olene and Ser Blackbar, and came to the table, where Salt and Bread were laid out in the ceremonial fashion, each partook and drank some ale, and then Ser Blackbar spoke again.

“Callisto, We’ve heard troubling stories, of you, and not just from the locals, you’ve got people scared, all over House Tyrell and the Reach, this nonsense of what happened to your Mother and Brother years ago, and now Dragons and this sword you carry, We just want to be sure that, even if some of this is true, your allegiance is with House Tyrell, and where we stand in the ‘Big picture’..”

“The – big picture- Ser Blackbar? I’m not sure I understand, you’re all family and I’ve not done anything to any of my family that anyone needs to worry about outside of Bastards Cradle” said Callisto

“And therein lies the problem Callisto, Kinslayer is it?”, “Oh I don’t judge you for seizing power, it’s the way of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms since , well, no need to go into your families history, as for the Big picture, you’re Great Aunt and Cousins Margery and Loris, have decided to back Renly Baratheon’s claim to the Iron Throne, and some say you, or your cousin who we’ve all just heard of, may have claims before that, it’s silly, I’m sure, but if you were to have a claim, We’d have to follow House Tyrell, but not want to have any hard feelings here between us, but it’s not like you command an army..”

Wadley and Callisto look at each other side eyed, and then turn back to Ser Blackbar..

“Ser Blackbar, Cousin Olene, rest assured, I want nothing to do with that accursed throne, nor will any harm come to you from me,.. but I will not support anyone’s claim to the Iron Throne, because , it’s not mine to give, and afterall ,these are the people that killed my relatives, so I wouldn’t think of any sort of alliance, by my word, or if anyone had the idea of marrying me off, would be relative or relevant to the ongoing situation” Callisto said, trying to be assuring..

Lady Olene said “My dear, what are we to do with you?” You’re of marrying age, and these things you’ve spoke of are being considered. You have to know alliances are forged by these bonds, and you have a strong family name and property”

Callisto, eyebrow raised and lips pursed, responded “My Dear Cousins, maybe we’ve come here at the wrong time, it may be best if I left, and said thank you for watering our horses, and your gracious hospitality, after all,  I have plans to see the world, and it seems I’m running a few minutes late, and wouldn’t want to keep you from your business of war and politics… the family drama isn’t for me..,  I bid you adieu.”

Ser Blackbar “Callisto, Not so fast.” He motions for guards to block the entrance, “You see we need to be sure you’re going to comply, and I’m sure The Queen of Thorns would be appreciative to us, and you , if we could send word that you’ll comply”…

Callisto, “Comply?..  Me???” she giggles.. “You want to be assured that ~I’ll~ comply?” as she struts forward slowly,  smiling like the cat who just ate a mouse, “Oh my dear Cousin, a lady has a prerogative to change her mind at all times, and as I said, I changed my mind about coming to visit you, I really must leave, and if you continue to block me, you’re token of bread and salt would mean nothing, and, as an anointed Knight, you wouldn’t want people to know your word isn’t your bond.. would you?”

Ser Blackbar “Callisto, me keeping you here, is keeping you safe, me making sure you’re going to be a good girl and do your part for the family to keep us all safe is all part of my word and honor, so, if you’ll excuse my tone..  DO WHAT WE ASK and STOP CAUSING TROUBLE FOR US and WE can ALL GET ON to being GRACIOUS HOSTS AGAIN!!!.. THIS IS MY HOUSE and THESE ARE MY RULES!!!”

Callisto turns her back to Ser Blackbar and smiles slyly at Wadley..

Ser Blackbar “Young Lady DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON ME.. GUARDS!! SEIZE HER, She needs her attitude adjusted!!”

Wadley “My’Lord, please, I wouldn’t do that”

Ser Blackbar “A Dumbass bastard who thinks he’s squiring for someone who isn’t a Knight wants to give me advice in my house? Send him to the dungeons with her!!”

It was then life as they knew it in Bandallon ceased to exist, as Callisto unholstered her sword, which sprang forward with a moan, it glowed black, and red, it went to her hand unnaturally, and seemed to possess her,

“My Lord” yelled Wadley, “please, put your weapons away and tell your guards to let us pass if you don’t want to die the unholy death this sword will give you!!”

Ser Blackbar was having no second thoughts though, “How Dare you draw a weapon in my house!!,  you little brat, I’ll teach you a lesson and you’ll be lucky if any man wants you after I’m done carving you up,  drop that foul blade NOW!”

It was too late, the guards rushed  and Wadley dove under a table, the 1st guard came in with a spear, which she avoided with supernatural speed, spinning and slapping him with the flat of the sword on his backside into a charging Ser Blackbar, and they both tumbled to the ground, another guard came in swinging his sword, which Callisto ducked, sidestepped and his motion propelled him forward, the 3rd who charged wasn’t as lucky when she dropped to one knee and based herself as he impaled himself on her blade,  right through his breastplate .. 

The Dark blade Stormbringer was now howling in glee,  the Guard seemed to know something was wrong, as his lifeforce and energy slipped from him, and into the sword, and in turn into Callisto, who sliced the 4th and final guard in the room in half from his left to his right, as more energy poured into Callisto, the sword was feeding, and was hungry, and Callisto was enjoying the kills.

Wadley slid over to the 1st guard and picked up his sword and shield, careful to not be in the path of Callisto and Stormbringer. The 2 remaining guards eyes were wide with fear, they’d just seen their friends die and the souls get sucked out of their bodies, Both men encouraged by Ser Blackbar had their courage renewed, and  stalked Callisto one from each side, trying to gain advantage, they both swang at once, Callisto jumped up and flipped over both swords and then cleaved through both men with  a two handed blow that sent both their heads flopping off..

Ser Blackbar was on his feet and staring in awe, mouth agape, as he saw his 4 best men chopped up and killed in a unholy way by this small, young girl with a huge black sword that was bathed in a light of black fire and  was literally screaming in battle, this battle tested knight was ready to fight when Wadley yelled to him,

“Ser Blackbar, drop your sword and kneel if you want to live, you’ll have a chance if you drop the weapon and submit”..

“Never!!” He cried.. and moved into the fray,..  Ser Blackbar came with every move he knew, but Stormbringer parried and blocked every attack, as hard as he charged forward, the sword met his and pushed him back, there were now 30 men in the hall watching the fight, as Ser Blackbar grabbed the hilt with two hands and swung down.. and watched his blade shatter like glass  as it hit Stormbringer.

He was defenseless, on the floor, on his back, as Callisto stood over him,  she looked around and watched as the rest of the men and guards lay their arms down, and back away..

Wadley said to her, “Callisto.. don’t, they don’t know, and he doesn’t deserve to die like this”

She looked at Wadley, then at Ser Blackbar, and in her heart she agreed, in her head she agreed.. | But the sword did what it wanted to do, as it wanted one more soul to quench it’s hunger for a while..

Ser Blackbar died, afraid and in shame, as the sword pierced through his armor, and into his heart, and his energy flashed and transferred though  the sword and into Callisto.  She felt as if she had the strength of 5 men running through her, and she did.. She was in a bloodlust when she heard the cry of her Cousin Olene, sobbing for her husband..

“What did you do?!? Callisto!! My husband!! You killed him!!!”

Callisto was pulled back to reality for a moment, Wadley was trying to get her to get out of there, The Sword however , wanted more…

She had to regain control, fight off the impulse, the primal urge.. and she did as she stormed out of the keep, every man backing away as She and Wadley  got their horses and went into a full gallop..


We rode, and rode hard North towards Old Oak, but stopped at the river Mander named after my family, or was it the otherway around when She stopped. “M’lady,” I said, “care to tell me what went on back there?, One minute We’re being invited to stay at your cousins, the next they’re trying to pawn you off and you kill a sworn Knight with moves I’ve never seen from any swordsman in Westeros”…

Callisto “I know,  I know Wadley, and I don’t know what to say, you wanted to know how I became this –legend- or whatever , today you got to see it.. I didn’t want to kill him…well, let me take that back, to a point I did, but Stormbringer, well sometimes it has a mind of it’s own and makes me –do things-, things I sometimes don’t want to, like kill poor Ser Blackbar, when all I really wanted to do was scare the hells out of him”

“What do you mean, -makes you- , You can’t control that thing?” said Wadley

“Sometimes.. yes, Sometimes.. no.., promise me one thing.” Callisto  said

“I’ll do my best” said Wadley

“That you won’t stand up to me while I wield this sword, or try to defend someone from it by any way but running away, It’s been a long time since I’ve had anyone travel with, and I just, wouldn’t want to feel guilty if something happened to you, since I’m supposed to be protecting you and all” said Callisto.

“You mean you like my company and care about me? You want me to stay around because you like me?” said Wadley with a smile..

“Don’t get ahead of yourself maggot, like , care , and words like that will get you hurt worse than by this sword” said Callisto as she unmounted and let her horse drink from the banks of the cool Mander river, and Wadley did the same,…  about 50 yards upstream was a ferryman and his raft, capable of taking them and their horses in one trip.

“ I see a way for us to cross” said Wadley, “But what about Chardon? Where might he be?”

“The Dragon knows where I am, and I wouldn’t worry too much, there’s nothing in this part of the world that can hurt him very much” said Callisto,  

The summer breeze off the river was refreshing, the berries and grapes used for wine here had an aromatic effect that was stunning, you could almost taste how sweet they were from the smell, that coupled with the fresh water was an intoxicating mix, almost as good as the world renowned wine. Callisto and Wadley walked their horses up to the ferryman, who was imbibing some of that world famous wine, kicked back enjoying the sunny day, along with his 2 helpers.

“Good day Sir” said Wadley, “M’lady and I need passage across the river and we see that you might be able to assist”

The Man opened one eye, then shut it, and said “We’re on break Son, We came across a while ago and are supposed to wait for the man who paid for crossing to come back, no need to make more trips than necessary, plus he chartered us, paid in advance, and you’ll have to ask him for a ride over”

Callisto started to move forward, “Oh, Is that so??  Well.. We’ll just negotiate a new deal with..” but Wadley cut her off, “That’ll be great Sir, any idea when he’s returning?”

“It’s been about an hour.. so It shouldn’t be long, he was going to get wine and meet someone, A woman I think. But I could be wrong, these Knights bugger anything they want nowadays” said the ferryman, even a young looking boy like you”

Callisto laughed, “See, those brigands wanted to do the same to you that this ‘Knight’ will, you should let me negotiate”

Wadley “If I did that, they’d be dead or run off and I’d be the one with the pole trying to get us across and I have no idea how!”

“It’s all yours” said Callisto , smugly..

It was then when a man in armor rode forward, driving a small cart drawn by horse, in it supplies and wine, next to him an attractive woman with long red hair and a green and purple dress,…

“See” said Wadley , “All we had to do is wait..”

“Mmmmhmmm” mumbled Callisto, watching for signs that this Knight may know her, or of  Ser Blackbar’s troops which she knew were not far behind them, but didn’t want to spook Wadley or these men from giving her  a lift across the Mander.

As the cart rolled up, the rivermen started getting up and scurrying about, grabbing the reigns from the man and leading the Horse and cart onto the raft, after the Knight and his Mistress got down of course,

“Good Morrow” said the man, “Tyke be a good fellow, and secure my goods for crossing, “

“Aye Sir” said the man, “these two want to hitch a ride, I told them they had to ask you”

“By my leave, it would be my honor to have guests cross with us, never say Ser Arys Oakheart was npot hospitable or without Honor, so tell me your names so we can be familiar and friendly and we will drink  and get to know each other,  I cannot say Mine eyes doth not  taketh interest in thee, I’m sure you have a good story, and my curiosity is aroused”

“Seeing your lady friends reaction, I’m sure that’s not the only thing aroused Kind Ser” joked Callisto making Wadley feel uncomfortable, but the Knight laughed,

“My reputation here may be soiled again!!” said Arys “Who’s the boy?”

“I’m Wadley Snow, Ser, of the house Manderlay”

“Manderlay? You’re a bastard of the Manderlay’s? and You’re this far south? Trying to restore your family name here or just learning about your familes psat?”

“I’m…” – “He’s travelling under my protection” said Callisto, cutting Wadley off this time, “but there’s time for talk while we cross, Wadley load the horses and lets be off, We’ve got no time to lose today Ser, We’re headed towards House Ambrose and then further North”

Wadley said “But, M’Lady I thought you said ..

“You think too much and speak more than needed”

“M’Lady? ” said Arys nodding his head, “Yes, I agree, lets shove off Tyke,  I can tell we’re in a hurry, or should be, for whatever reason”

The river is probably 100 yards across at this narrow, The Mander is the largest river in the Reach. Whilst large and powerful, it is a slow-moving river, wide with snags and sandbars to trap the unwary ship, but there’s still plenty of deep water where the ferry would have to float down to hit the next shallow sandbar, so it wasn’t a straight path across, in fact the ferrymen walked the ferry back upriver  so they could cross in  the most efficient way, passage takes about an hour or so this way.

They were about 20 yards out when they saw a company of troops bearing Ser Blackbar’s standard, headed in full gallop towards the ferry, trying to get the ferrymen to turn around

“Ser Oakheart” said Tyke, what should we do?

Ser Oakheart looked at Callisto, and the sword on her back, “What should we do? Callisto is it? What should We do?”

“Well Ser Arys, It depends on how much you liked Ser Blackbar and his treacherous incestuous family” She said with a shrug of the shoulders. “Either way is fine with me, one has everyone alive, the other... Well,  not so much” as her eyes met Ser Arys Oakhearts, he smiled, and knew she wasn’t lying..

“Sail on Tyke, Ser Blackbar’s revenge will have to wait, we have stories to tell and wine to drink.”

☀------------------------------------------------------------- 10 - ----------------------------------------------------

The trip across was uneventful, except for stories and drinking, and one of the rivermen swearing he saw what may have been a dragon in the sky, but everyone laughed that off, since dragons that could fly and were as big as he thought haven’t been seen in Westeros in over a century.. Wadley and Callisto reluctantly told the story of Ser Blackbar’s death, minus the tale of Stormbringer and leaving out Chardron, …

“So What am I supposed to do with you  Callisto Kinslayer, ruler of the House Melnibone’? You’ve killed an anointed Knight, family, friends, your legend  grows infamous thru these territories,  Yes, I knew who you were when I saw you, and when I saw that sword you have, I don’t know if you’re a criminal, or you’re just grabbing power here the way ruling families do it here, you seem nice enough to me, but I have no urge to test the stories of that sword you carry or your prowess with it today, as I’ve had too much to drink, and I’m not a fool like some of the others, and I would like to spend some time with the Lady Taliah tonight, … maybe we can be friends, and agree to not find out who’s legend is larger today?”

“I agree Ser Arys”, nodded Callisto as the raft docked, “Just know that if you’re ever at the Bastards Cradle, my house is yours, Thank you for the ride, and good day kind Ser, I count you among people I might trust, and those are few and far between”

“Trust no one Callisto” said Ser Arys “And you will live a long life!!”

Wadley and Callisto took wineskins, some fresh fruit, and rode off, to the trail to the West, before crossing in the woods and to a hidden road just North and East..

“I know I’m your squire, but I thought we were going to Old Oak” said Wadley

“We were, going –near- Old Oak” said Callisto “but that was before We met Ser Arys and put him in an impossible position, if our pursuers decide to follow us, don’t you think they’ll go to Old Oak just because who we travelled with ? We have to think steps ahead”

“But we have you, and Stormbringer and Chardron and…”

“And did it occur to you I don’t want to put you, or Chardon in anymore danger because of the asinine thing I had to do because of Ser Blackbar? Not to mention his troops, and if someone found out my Dragon did exist, they might try and hunt him, like they’re going to hunt you and I… and I couldn’t have that happen to him, those ferrymen for sure will spill their guts about where we went and what was said, I still have to train you to fight, and…. It’s just easier this way right now, until I’m ready.”

“Oh, I see..” said Wadley “Ready for what?”

“To fulfill my destiny here, whatever that may be” said Callisto, “ Let’s move it a little faster, I know a small villa here where they don’t play politics and not many know of”

They rode up the small winding trail into the hills, for a long time ,  the fog got thicker,  almost as if you could cut through it, and the smells of the forest changed,  from wet grass and forage, almost to something burning..  

 I don’t mean to be a pain… but how much further is it Callisto? Asked Wadley,

We should have been there already, if I remember right, said Callisto.. a little frustrated..

“Callisto.. don’t hurry off too far ahead.. I can’t quite see you” said Wadley.. 

“Then hurry up, and stay close” said Callisto..

But Wadley never heard her reply..  he kept calling out, with no answer, .. until he spotted a treeline  and what appeared to be a clearing..  the smell of acrid smoke.. he got off his horse and led it forward , unsure of what lays ahead..  he saw a farmhouse.. and what appeard to be people moving about.. muffled voices and laughter and the occasional scream filled the air..

“Damnit..  she’s starting trouble again..”   Wadley mumbled.. “Callisto?!?.. Calli!!?  Hellooooo!!..” yelled Wadley, only to be hit in the gut , and tackled down by a young boy, or was it a girl?  He wasn’t sure,  all he knew is that whoever it was straddled him and was making sure they both were hidden behind a felled log.

“Shush Idiot.. or you’ll get us both killed!!”  said the young person..

“Get us killed? No, I was with my friend?, She’ll likely be the one doing the killing.. and if she is, I’ll have to  stop her  and fast, so if you’d let me up..”

“If your friend is leading the Morkuls, as they lay siege to this town, I may as well slit your throat now, because you’d both be enemies of mine.. and again, as I look at your face, you seem familiar..” said the young person..

“Morkuls?.. what in the 7 bloody hells are Morkuls?” .. asked Wadley..

“Where are you from that you don’t know what a Morkul is?.. They’re only half pig and half savage man, interbred , foul, smelly, murderous, rapists from North of the Gorzoth river,..”

“Gorzoth River? .. there’s no Gorzoth river in Westeros..”  said Wadley

“Westeros?...”  said the youth, “Westeros is a legend, and only exists in lorebooks, *laughs* , This one thinks he’s in Westeros, I must have hit you too hard.. look there, those are Morkuls, ransacking the town, and we must think of a plan to save it and the townsfolk”

“Well, if I found Callisto, she’d save this place in a flash, but I lost her walking through the woods in the fog..” said Wadley

The young person  was confused.. “Fog? Woods?  What fog and woods?

“The one behind me..”… Wadley trailed off as he turned to see a lake.. in a valley,.. with no fog.. and no dense woods for a Acre.. just a few felled trees near him… his horse grazing behind.

“Wait… where am I?.. and who are you?” Asked Wadley

“If you’re were you say you’re from, you’re far from home, and as for me.. you can call me Sharr… now quick.. follow me..”  Sharr jumped up and moved like the wind.. talking off for  the worksheds behind the farmhouse.

Wadley got up and ran after Sharr, noting how quick he/she moved, almost as if as faster than any human he’d ever seen, and Wadley noting how he was pretty fleet of foot himself … he caught up to Sharr,  who was  spying around the corner… . Wadley took a few deep breaths.. and waited for Sharr to make the next move..


Callisto rode through the fog with a purpose, annoyed she wasn’t at the place she remembered ,   a small town in the Reach called Red Lake, she knew people there, who weren’t so political, and tended to keep to themselves, if at all possible in this gossipy world..  this would be the closest thing to that she knew.  She was  in thought when an arrow zipped over her shoulder, and stuck deep in the heart of this half man/ half pig thing that was charging at her, .. she couldn’t hear a thing though.. until all of a sudden she did.. She drew Stormbringer, who howled in glee and started moaning as it sliced through enemies as she  charged and slashed away at the foul beasts killing 10..  jumping off her horse, she killed another 5  as the arrows rained around her killing many more..  she turned to defend herself when the half man/half pig  fell forward with an arrow poking out of it’s chest..

It was then she saw the archer.. dressed in red, bowing to her in a sarcastic way, she then pointed Stormbringer away from her, as a halfpig halfman ran into it, .. she laughed with  impunity , and started forward to the archer.. who then  addressed her..

“Hello M’lady!!” said the man,.. in case you didn’t remember ,My name is Rackhir, The Red from Phum… and I never knew or expected Elric would appear as a woman, but I suppose stranger things have happened on the way to Tanelorn.., but at least you have Stormbringer with you,..  but.. could you please put it away? “

He was dressed head to toe in red, and even carried red-fletched arrows… wore a red hunting cap, and was an attractive man…

“Name’s Callisto..  or Calli.. and  wait.. you said Elric?” said Callisto.. “You knew my grandfather?”

“Grandfather?” laughed Rackhir.. “ Chaos allowed him to spawn? Ha!! Yes, I knew your grandfather, and I think he may have killed me once with that sword, but that’s a long time from now, and in the past.”

“Wait.. What?” said Callisto.. “I don’t get it”

“Hmm.. no, it appears not.. , but let me get you up to speed, We’ve been summoned by the forces of the balance to right a cosmic wrong.. this Wizard,  Jagreen Lern or something like that, is opening portals in the past to other worlds to build an army, and while we’ve already defeated him in the future, and some of us died doing so..  he’s trying to change the past, so he wins, which isn’t fair, but either is the multiverse..  so it seems you were summoned because you bear Stormbringer in your world and time.. and Elric does not.. or hasn’t got here yet.. or.. may have been defeated, which I doubt because you’re his spawn”..

“Can you stop calling me that…. Spawn.. it’s.. just .. strange.” said Callisto, “ did this have anything to do with that fog? I lost my.. um…  friend.. and my dragon it seems …”

“If they didn’t make it here, I’m sure they’re there, safe and sound wherever there is for them, waiting on you, it only summons who’s needed, and places us back when we left, as if no time passed at all.. most of the times, that is, unless you die here, and you wind up in your future past.. but I’m getting ahead of myself.. or is it behind this time? Oh I don’t know.. let’s go see what’s what and what damage these Morkuls and Jagreen Lern have done..” said Rackhir as he walked away…

Callisto sheathed Stormbringer ( who , it appeared.. was quite happy after it’s feast,  for some reason ) and followed Rackhir, who she felt she knew, She looked around, but there was no sign of Wadley, and she knew at that instant , this wasn’t Westeros.

“Rackhir, Where exactly are we?”  asked Calli,

“We’re where We are supposed to be when the great balance summons us Callisto, to right a cosmic wrong, sometimes we fight forces of ultimate law, sometimes of extreme chaos,  like that sword you wield, and we use their own weapons against them. As for where on a map this is,  I do not know, and it would probably not make sense to either you or I if we did know, ” Rackhir continued, “If you search your heart and feelings, you’ll see what side you’re supposed to be on,  and as an incarnation of the Eternal Champion, you’re on my side.. but don’t trust me.. use your senses  , your feelings, and you’ll see that there’s an ominous cold, black void where our enemy is”

She doubted the man, for a moment, and then closed her eyes, and reached out with her mind, through the clutter and worry and doubt, til there was nothing,,, and then , there it was, like a homing beacon, something wrong in this world that needed to be changed, not knowing how far away , or exactly  how near it was , just a general direction, a blight on this world, and it was somehow her duty to return this place to the state it was in before… but before what?


Wadley and Sharr skirted the fences of the houses  and shops on the outside of this city, he following she,   watching on as humans were grabbed by these Morkuls,  they travelled in packs , almost in human, military precision, No, Wadley thought, these weren’t unintelligent monsters, these were trained military forces and creatures he’d never seen before on Westeros , ..  his thoughts drifted..

He watched Sharr as she  peered around a corner,..   all of 5’3.. slender yet muscular, her beautiful yellow greenish eyes, tan skin, and hair so black it was almost blue made him think she had to be Dornish, or from Essos, as most people of the 7 kingdoms didn’t look like this ,  and Dornish people had dark eyes… she was familiar to him, but then again, not… but  She was strikingly beautiful.. and for some reason, he knew, she was quite deadly… maybe almost as deadly as Callisto.

“Wadley? HELLO!!.. Are you listening? “ said Sharr, “I’ve been talking to you and you’re staring into space”

“I’m sorry, I was just,…. thinking…” said Wadley.

“Well, think how you’re going to make it through this, and back to your friend alive, or else you’ll be dead and rotting here forever, keep your wits about you boy.” said Sharr

It was funny to hear Sharr call him boy, as he was obviously older than her,  in fact,  he felt he should be in charge, but he had no idea of what to do.

“We have to cross town,  and it won’t be easy, we may have to wait til dusk, all these Morkuls should be exhausted and celebrating their victory by then, and while they’re distracted  we can make out move.” said Shar

“What’s across town?” asked Wadley, and “How in the Seven do you know what’s across town will be any better than what’s  here?, in fact, shouldn’t we be rescuing these poor folk if we can?”

Shar looked at him.. and pouted, “Go right ahead Ser Wadley, be my guest,  go out there and wave your sword around and hope you can defeat 300 or so Morkul, and rescue everyone and be the hero, and maybe someday, someone will write stories about you here, and what you did, - or you might just die, and no one will ever remember your name, except me, and I wont be writing any stories of a fool who wasted his own life because he was dumb, but you go right ahead Mister Hero, but my guess is , you’re more of a helper than hero, so if you want to live, you’ll help me get across town, and trust that I know what I’m doing,  because if help is coming, it’s from the other side of this place, ( she pointed Eastward ) ,  because the Morkuls invaded from the other direction.. and they’re probably going to camp here for the night, So.. what’ll  it be Ser Wadley?  Live, or Die? “

Annoyed, frustrated and knowing Sharr was right, Wadley said “I’ll live, thank you very much, and I’m no Knight”…

“I know” said Sharr..  “I know.”


Rackhir made his way through the forest, keeping the city away from him, almost as guided by a internal compass, he strode through unwalked areas with a purpose. 

“Rackhir… not to be a spoil sport or anything, but, as I look out into that city, there’s quite a few of these Morkuls, as you call them, and only 2 of us….”

“But I have plenty of arrows, and you and Stormbringer, and I’m thinking we might have a few friends coming.. or maybe one or two.. or maybe none,. But that’s what makes the job so great, insurmountable odds, and the Heroes overcoming them!!”

“Um, yeah, as for that ‘Hero’ speak, that’s not really my .. um, forte’ … if you knew my past, you’d run.”

“ Ha!! Can’t be any worse than your Grandfather’s past, and he was the greatest hero of us all, some might say, except Erekose, and Corum..  and maybe Haw…”

“I get it, I get it.” ( interrupting  Rackhir ) “  I’m here to fulfil some cosmic balance, and taking my dear Grandfather’s place because I have his sword”

“ Well, - -technically-,  -That- is –your- sword, - and - if Elric shows up, he’ll have his -own version- of Stormbringer,.. ( he added )  in some aspect..”

“Huh?’.. what do you mean?” she stated quizzically

“That sword you wield-- , can manifest as a bow, a staff,  daggers, jewel,  .. hell, even as a person at times, to however the balance sees fit.. you’re fated to carry it as a sword, others – to what their needs are, at what time they are in..”

“I’m totally, lost in the concept , but go on.. go on…”

“There’s nothing quite more to say, it’s like a joke to story that’s had it’s end, my statements stand”

Callisto sighed, and shook her head , “Men and their words” she thought, smiling sarcastically… all she knew is when the time was right, she’d kill whoever was in her way from getting home alive…”

“Look-  at the far end of the city.. near the chapel.. it’s him.. Lern..”

Callisto looked out towards where Rackhir was pointing, and there he was, dressed in fire red armor, it almost seemed as flames jumped off it in the sunlight, he was addressing what was left of the townsfolk, and had 2 humans by his side, .. as well as a huge Morkul, ( apparently his bodyguard, of the leader of the war tribe ),  the two men were in chainmail.. and had huge battleaxes,  the Morkul, a huge scimitar, dressed in leather pants and a bright red cloth over his chest clasped at the side,  the rest of the invading Morkuls wore something similar, except most had a blue cloth, and very few had green ones,  and Callisto knew the ones that wore blue, were regulars, the green, the officers, and yes, the one who wore red, was the head Pigman in charge,  he, and this Jagreen Lern, and his two Lieutenants , were the targets she needed to eliminate to get back home… She started to move forward, unsheathing Stormbringer, when Rackhir  stopped her…

“Lets get this over with Archer,  you clear a path for me and I’ll kill the rest”

“Great plan, but it’s not that easy..  Lern is a Sorcerer, from a place Elric called Pan Tang, and they wanted to copy, or emulate Elric’s ancestors cruel kingdom and rule in their style..  yes, we’ve done battle before, and Elric beat him, but the battle wasn’t as easy as you think, he’s got protections in place and he probably knows one, two or more of us, are coming for him at some time,  if you haven’t heard, Elric killed most of his kinsman and countrymen, because of how cruel they were…”

“What? ( noting some similarities in her, and her Grandfather ) Kinslayer? Elric?.. I know of him, and have spoke with him in magical ways, but did not know this tale..”

“A sad , troubled man Elric was, usually anyone he cared about was killed by that sword, or wound up dead somehow by people like Lern, Theleb Kaarna.. and the Gods themselves”

She grew astonished, then angry “Well, if this man, and the Gods alike are to blame for what happened to my family and I .., it will be I, using this sword, taking my revenge!”

“You must wait.. have patience… the others that are coming,… they are near.. I can feel it…”

“Well.. You can tell them to catch up” as she drew Stormbringer, who glowed dark, purple black, and started a low hum .. “I’m going to do what I do best,.. kill!!... BLOOD AND SOULS FOR STORMBRINGER.. Today, you FEAST on the ENEMY!!”…

She strode forward with a purpose,  reaching the first Morkuls who had their backs turned, as they were listening to their leader rally them on, ..

The pig men never knew what hit them as Stormbringer and Callisto carved a path out, each Morkuls spirit or soul, devoured by Stormbringer , transferring their energy to Callisto, who was in a killing frenzy…

Rackhir , understanding what needed to be done, unleashed a fury of bolts and arrows upon the enemy like rain on a hot summer day..

===================================14 = =========================

  “Do you hear that? Wadley.. listen..”


“I don’t hear anything…”

“Someone screaming, about blood… oh my…”

“I hear that!.. it’s the sound of combat!”

Sharr and Wadley watched as the Morkuls that were nearby ran towards whatever was going on,. It was their chance to make a break for it, and for Wadley to find out where he was, and maybe find Callisto..

“Sharr, We must try to get to the other side, I have a feeling it may be my friend, and she’ll need all the help she can get” .. picking up a longblade, and a shield Wadley started moving forward…

“If that’s- your- friend-, may the Gods help her enemies..”

Sharr went ahead, spying out a way through the wreckage, and death, stores, houses, and barns on fire, Wadley wondered why she wasn’t picking up a weapon.. he stopped and offered her 2 of his daggers..

“What are these for” She asked…

“ To defend yourself Sharr.. you’ll need them”…

“Thank you,  But hold onto your steel Wadley… I have other ways to fight this darkness, onward”

They came  upon the town center, and saw the Morkuls moving away from it, towards the obscene howling.. then Wadley knew what the screams were, Stormbringer making it’s death song, and the pig men screaming in terror once they knew what happened to them because of that foul blade, it was then he was glad, Callisto was on his side,.. he looked to the stage , and saw a man in flaming red armor,  he knew he was in charge, and  saw him doing something strange with his hands and the staff he wielded,  he also had a battle axe to his side,  and his cohorts all started moving towards the melee,.. Wadley thought.. I can be of use here.. I can sneak up and kill this  and end this battle..

He moved back, and weaved his way towards the stage,..  looking out, he saw her,. .. Callisto, killing everything insite…   brilliant red arrows were clearing her way forward, and she had the evilest look on her face, that Wadley had ever saw in his life..  .. Shar.. where was Shar? He didn’t want her killed  by Stormbringer, Callisto didn’t know her, she might die.. and then he was  10 feet away from the leader…

Find Sharr? Kill this bastard?

He made the only choice he knew he could..

If he was going to die,. He’d die a hero.

Wadley charged forward…



Callisto was on a killing spree, the world was in slow motion, as she ducked swings, swords, kicks and spears … arrows flew by her and she could almost see the notches and fletching,  spinning and slashing, and thrusting Stormbringer in, out and through enemies, she laughed and screamed gleefully….  She was covered in greenish blood,  like a berserker , all the while Stormbringer fed, passing along energy she used to make her amazingly strong and fast, almost superhuman..

Then, the Morkuls started to flee instead of fight her, except the big one..

He stood his ground at the front of the stage, Jagreen Lern behind him frantically casting spells, his other bodyguards at his flanks facing Callisto..

The remaining Morkuls started to regroup, but Rackhir’s arrows kept them at bay,

The Morkul leader motioned for  Callisto to come forward…  She smiled back at him, and  waved her finger no…  and then made a “ you come here” motion with her index finger ..

She held Stormbringer at the ready on her right shoulder..

The Morkul charged forward..

He swang his huge axe…..

She Swang Stormbringer…

And watched as the huge battle axe shattered to pieces as Stormbringer cleaved through it like a  hot knife through butter…  the Morkul watched as Stormbringer sank into him from his left shoulder to his heart… and felt his life, and soul drain away into the sword… the last thing he felt was fear.. knowing his life essence was stolen, eaten by this blade, and his soul would never find it’s final rest, wherever the Morkuls thought that might be..

She kicked the body off her sword.. and moved towards the bodyguards.. and then she saw him..


Wadley charging… yelling a battle cry with a look on his face that made her stop and laugh, she was amazed at his bravery.. and foolishness all at once…

He came within 5 feet of Jagreen Lern when the wizard, not even looking , pointed his staff at Wadley and discharged a burst of energy..

and Wadley , was gone.

Shocked, shook up, and in disbelief she watched what may have been her only friend disappear at the hands of this Wizard. Guilt, Outrage, and Anger enraged her and she summoned energy from Stormbringer and raced forward..  She was going to kill this Wizard and make him die 10,000 deaths horribly..

She rushed the bodyguards, only to see Rackhir’s arrows had pierced both their hearts.. , pushing them aside… she made her way towards  Jagreen Lern

=================16 = ================Edit

Wadley never saw it coming..

Yes, he saw Jagereen Lern point his staff at him, .. and the nasty black bolt of energy came at him..

and then Wadley was on the ground..

 Something had hit him at a speed and force he’d never experienced before.. and he was out of breath, maybe a rib broken…

and there she was..


Sharr had saw Wadley charge, and to her disbelief, .. she watched him almost die..

She knew she had to react,  how she moved with such swiftness, and power, Wadley would never understand or know.

One second later , he would have been dead,  he was face to face with Shar, .. locking eyes.. and he couldn’t breathe..  he thought, how in the Seven hells am I alive…

She said “Relax, you’re still with us”.. and jumped up to defend him… there were more Morkuls around.. rushing the stage, she used hand to hand martial arts, with a speed and ferocity he’d never seen before,  her legs whipping around, moving her body through the air with ease,  ripping at their throats with her hands and nails,  defending Wadley,…

Callisto charged…

She saw this  –girl- fighting the enemy, and thought this may be one of Rackhir’s friends..

She swang Stormbringer at Lern… and Hit a magical barrier with a blast of energy knocking everyone back..

“I never  thought I’d see –that- weapon here” cackled Jagreen Lern in disgust, “in any case, I’ll be done with you soon enough,  and it will disappear , along with you, into the void and hopefully be gone forever…”

He stared his summoning and a portal started to open…  bluish black….. and fog came out of it.. like the fog that brought Callisto, and Wadley here..

Sharr got up and knelt over Wadley, in a protective manner…

Callisto got up and moved forward..  Rackhir was  at her side,

“It seems he’s protected by a Chaos Orb, and Stormbringer may be the only thing able to destroy one..” said Rackhir.. “I just wonder if he’s escaping, or bringing more troops here…”

His question was soon answered … for out of the fog came snow.. and ice.. the temperature dropped… and what appeared to be a man, came out of this portal..

“Ah”.. said Jagreen Lern  “The Greatest enemy of your people, from your world.. here to take you, and leave me to conquer, yes I read your fears, and yes,  you will die now..”    

“I have no fears, and know not who this is” said Callisto…

Rackhir said “This is not from my realm, but I’ll send him back to his, just let me notch my arrow..”

Jagreen Lern “If you do not know him.. and my old enemy Rackhir does not know him..  who’s fears am  I reading….”

It was then Wadley looked up… and saw his greatest nightmare 10 feet away from him.


The Night King.

The Night King turned and moved towards Wadley.. and behind him, in the portal, he could see the White Walkers, the evil undead army of legend in Westeros , from beyond the wall,  waiting to be summoned through by the Night King..

The Night King suddenly stopped and looked confused… or amused… as Shar… the young girl, her  beautiful yellow/green eyes glowing  .. stood between Wadley, and certain death..  and she looked ready to do combat with the Night King..

“Old Friend..” Shar spoke.. “this one is not yours today, or any day whilst I breathe…”

Callisto watched on, confused, …

Rackhir whispered to her, “Now.. do it now.. pry the orb open with Stormbringer and I’ll kill them with my arrows”

Calli sunk Stormbringer into the orb with all her might and the might of every Morkul she killed..  it’s howling and moaning as two forces of chaos meet was turbulent…

it felt like the world was shaking.

The Night King paid it no mind and pointed at Shar, .. out of his finger came a bolt of Ice .. it shot towards her… and she opened her arms..

Flame enveloped her..

The ball of flame that came from her met the Night Kings Ice bolt..  it protected her and Wadley..

And Sharr, and the Night King, were locked in sorcerous , elemental combat.

It was then Rackhir’s arrows pierced Jagreen Lerns armor, sinking in his shoulder,  as Callisto had opened a hole in the Chaos Orb…

Lern fell backwards, into the portal..  vanishing.

The Morkul scattered ..

and there was the Night King… and Shar staring each other down..

Rackir went for anther Arrow…

Callisto charged… and as she swang Stormbringer down, .. on it’s own volition… it stopped.

She looked into the Night Kings eyes.. and saw something.. familiar.

The Night King touched the point of Stormbringer, and laughed…

Callisto thought she heard him say “It’s not the time, nor the place for THIS battle young one,” as he turned and walked through the portal.. the ice and fog following him.. and it closed.

Callisto, looked at Shar… “Is he going to live?”

Shar “worse for the wear, but yes, I’d say he was going to live”

Callisto nodded, and looked at Rackhir..

“What’s next Rackhir the Red?”

Rackhir bowed, stood back up and said, “The Cosmic Balance is done with us for now,  I bid you adieu , Callisto Kinslayer.  May you live forver!” ….

and the world she was in , started to fade out….